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From the Desk of the Principal


"Learn Succeed and Lead"

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled


 Dear Parents,


"Change is the law of nature, and the old yield to the new! Pertaining to this maxim, now it was my turn to take over."


          I joined Alchemy in the month of April 2012, at the onset of the Academic Session 2012-13 and decided to shape the School, befitting its credo of “Learn, Succeed and Lead”.  I have made an endeavour to bring about the required changes as per your expectations and aspirations which you surely must have noticed in the span of last four years.


           I very strongly believe, that ‘Children don’t remember what you try to ‘teach’ them, they remember what you are and the effective way in which you communicate with them and motivate them to explore’!! I believe the children are our future and we need to teach them well so that they can lead themselves; we need to show them the beauty that each one possesses to make them proud of who they are and help them be the confident youth of tomorrow.


             The holistic development of one’s personality, is the most important factor of Education thus, children are given an opportunity to show-case their talent as Leaders and hone their Leadership Skills, by nominating himself/herself for being a Member of the ‘Student Council’, as well as the formation of the ‘Subject Secretaries’ and the ‘Club Secretaries’. The installation of the office of the above mentioned Body is done through the Investiture Ceremony which is successfully being conducted and executed, since 2012.


              Discipline, the core factor to achieve success, is well looked into by awarding ‘Smileys’ every week in the Assembly, to the ‘Best Disciplined Class of the Week’, Section-wise. Also, their confidence is given a boost by awarding ‘I Always Speak in English’ badges in the same manner, to all the deserving students. To carry this, a step further, the word of the day is introduced Section-wise, everyday on the Board at the entrance, to help the children enrich their vocabulary. Class Monitors – Girl and Boy, as well as Spoken English Leaders- Girl and Boy, are appointed every month by the Class Teachers for their respective Classes and are handed over the respective badges for them to wear to School everyday. Birthday celebrations, too, have been introduced, where children are asked to share their aspirations and future plans.


               Children are made aware, of our Values and Culture, which they imbibe and portray the same, by gestures like, touching the feet of all their elders to seek their blessings, by praying and believing in the omnipotent, by displaying the art of sharing and caring while celebrating festivals in the true spirit. The Grandparents Day celebration is yet another step in this direction and every year, it is more than welcomed by both the revered Grandparents as well as all our dear students. To strike a balance between our Tradition and the western culture, table manners are taught and it is the duty of every Class-Teacher, to see that each student carries a fork and spoon, for eating their snacks during the recess.


                 To inculcate the habit of reading, the Class Library has been introduced and the Book-Fair viz. ‘Bookazia’ too, is being held for the children to avail books at discounted rates, to help them make books their never-failing friends!! We all are very much aware, that every child’s ability to perform is different and cannot be compared, thus, the Extra-Classes, are conducted for the benefit of the students who need further guidance and coaching. 


                 Leaders should be initiators. It was for the first time in the History of Alchemy, that we hosted the Inter-School Football Tournament viz. The Subroto Mukherjee Cup in 2012 and have got the honour to continue it till date. Also, the CCCC i.e. The CBSE Cryptic Crossword Competition too was hosted for the first time in Gujarat and Alchemy had the honour, to host the same since 2014. In both the mentioned events, the students got laurels to the School viz. children went on to play at State-level. In fact, it was for the first time that girls participated in a football match at district-level and resultantly, three of our girls had also been selected for U-14 State-level Football Tournament. The joyous part of this is that the journey of the Alchemians in Sports has been remarkable and has seen and upward graph since then with lot of accolades in the Sports arena with one of the student reaching Nationals in the U-14 Girls category for continuously 2 Years. In the CCCC too, the Alchemians bagged the Runners-up Trophy.


            We educate the children, to co-relate learning with day-to-day life, by conducting several Field-Trips from time to time. We also emphasize the need of conserving the Ecological Balance and so, to spread this awareness through Rallies to spread the importance of a ‘Cracker-free’ Diwali, on the onset of this ‘Festival of Lights’, as well as participation in Campaigns like ‘Say No to Drugs’, ‘Beti Bachao’ and the Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan.


            Teaching being such a challenging task, enriching ones experience and learning, becomes an ongoing process. So, to rejuvenate, inspire as well as keep the Teachers well-informed of the latest happenings and technology, regular Workshops, Orientations and Seminars are organized regularly and are conducted by renowned and knowledgeable Resource Persons emphasizing on aspects like ‘Faculty Development’, ‘Pre-requisites of effective communication’, and ‘Effective Teaching’ etc. Teachers are also encouraged to participate in Inter-School Competitions, organized by other Schools in and around the city to set an example for the students.


             Dear Parents, I and the management of Alchemy School, assure you that it aims at the holistic education and harmonious development of the personality of each and every Alchemian. The 100% Results in the AISSE Exams with a record of a total of 8.1 plus School CGPA proves the hard work of all the Alchemians and their mentors.


Futuristically Yours,

Insiyah Bhatia