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Library facility




The school Library provides information, inculcates ideas, and develops knowledge that is so essential to functioning successfully in today’s information and knowledge based society. It is fundamental to school library to equip students with life long learning skills and develop in them creative thinking and imagination, and enabling them to live as ideal and responsible citizens.

Thus, the school library must be made the hub of all the activities planned and executed in school. It can be used by students to prepare for their next class period, home examination, general education, information, competitions, recreation and inspiration. To cater to the wide varieties of demands of students and teachers it has to judiciously select and procure the prescribed/recommended text-books and other reading material from different sources.


Great importance has given to the organization and management of librarires in Alchemy School. The Education Code says that, every endeavor should be made to ensure that the library adds to scholastic efficiency by providing material to supplement and enrich instruction and guidance given to the class room, besides affording the child to discover himself, guide him to adopt higher ideals of life and help him in the choice of useful career.

The main objectives of Alchemy School library are;

§ To serve an adjunct to class room instruction

§ To provide extra reading facilities

§ To sustain co-curricular programmes

§ To create purposeful reading among children

§ To foster love of books and habit of careful handling of books

§ To acquire information literacy skills

§ To cater the needs of bright and gifted children on one hand and under achievers on the other

§ To provide facilities to teachers for improved professional efficiency

§ To equip the students in searching, evaluating and using the information for decision making

§ To train the pupils in careful use of public property.

Library rules:

1 .All students of the school are members of the library

2 .A student can borrow only one book at a time for a period of ONE weeks.

3. Books will be issued to the students, during the library periods. No book will be issued or returned during the teaching hours.

4 .Marking, underlining or writing on library books is strictly forbidden.

5 .Reference books and current periodicals will not be issued to any student. These can be read only in the library room.

6. If the books are not returned within a specified time it will be viewed seriously and fine will be charged as per rules.

7. The librarian may call for a book at any time, even if the normal period of loan has not expired.

8 .In case of book is misused, wrongly handled or lost the person concerned will have to replace the book or pay the  three times the price of the book .

9 . A ‘No Dues Certificate’ by each TEACHER is to be obtained from the librarian while withdrawing any TEACHER from the school.

10. Strict order and silence shall be maintained in the library.

Alchemy School Library Policy

1. Issue of books for home use – Each student would be issued ONE books at a time for a period of one week. Staff members, including Principal, would be issued maximumTWO books at a time for a maximum period of one fortnight.Failure to return books on time would compulsorily lead to penalty of Re.5 per day for all (students & staff).

2. A recall system for overdue books should be introduced. This could be achieved by sending an overdue note to the concerned student through the Class Teacher. In case of staff the note can be sent through the school office.

3. Reissue of books by a user may be allowed maximum twice more after first issue.

4. Newly purchased books should not be issued to any user for at least one month but should be displayed separately as new arrivals.

5. Issue of subject reference books – Only subject reference books from reference section would be issued for home use on those days when the successive day is a holiday. The book will have to be returned on the next working day. Dictionaries, Encyclopedias etc would not be issued.

6. One set of textbooks may be issued to teachers for the subject being taught by them for the whole session.

7. In case a user loses a book he/she would have to either replace the book or deposit three times the price of the book in the library.